Key Routes

Middle East, Red Sea
& India-Pakistan

As the industry leader in the Middle East, Red Sea and India-Pakistan routes, Globe Success has been dedicated to providing comprehensive one-stop freight service for customers in the Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan since its establishment in 1999. After years of operation, we have developed into a professional and comprehensive multinational freight company. With branches in Dubai, Oman and other places, we boast our well-established service ranging from double customs clearance Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping by ocean, Less than Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL), double customs clearance Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping by air, e-commerce small-parcel shipping and small-parcel shipping to
Dubai, etc.

Australia &
New Zealand

In 2009, Globe Success set up its branch in Sydney, Australia followed by the opening of the Melbourne branch in 2017. We have a comprehensive logistics service system and professional logistics service teams in Australia and New Zealand.

Our advantages are: ocean delivery to the door service, ocean shipping final delivery, destination port customs clearance and warehousing, one-stop ocean and air shipping and distribution service. We will continue to help Chinese and Southeast Asian companies to go global.

Europe &

As one of the four busiest routes in the world, Globe Success has been committed to the development of European and Mediterranean routes. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to provide leading service in ocean freight, air freight, ocean and rail combined transportation, Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), double customs clearance to the door and a series of upstream and downstream logistic service, making us one of the top players in China and the world. We worth your trust.


As one of Globe Success’s main shipping lines, the Southeast Asia route has always been our development focus. For many years, Globe Success has been engaging in business cooperation with various shipping companies, which has guaranteed a comprehensive logistics service system and highly competitive freight rates in Southeast Asian.
We welcome your inquires.

The United

The establishment of our branch in Los Angeles, USA, coupled with the close cooperation with third-party logistics companies have ensured an advantageous position in import and export freight by ocean and air, warehousing, distribution, and FBA service in American route. Since we cover all logistics transshipment centers in the United States, when exporting goods to major ports in the United States, you only need to provide electronic invoice and packing list, while leaving the rests to us.


Globe Success focuses on providing state of the art one-stop freight service for our clients in African countries. After years of operation, we have developed into a professional and comprehensive multinational freight company. If you are looking for import and export shipping to and from Africa and extension service, African Full Container Load (FCL), African Less than Container Load (LCL), international air freight, or e-commerce shipping, Globe Success is always your first choice.

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Main Service

Ocean Freight Import & Export
Air Freight Import & Export
Imported Food Cold Chain Logistics
Cargo Insurance Fumigation
Trade, E-commerce & Customs Clearance for Food Import, etc.
Overland Freight
Third-party Logistics
Warehousing & LCL
Custom Declaration & Goods Inspection
海运进出口 运输保险、熏蒸 仓储及散货集运 进口食品冷链物流 陆路运输 第三方物流 空运进出口 贸易、电商、食品进口清关等 代理报关商检

Logistics Customization Service

Supplier A
Supplier B
Supplier C
GSIT Integration
Custom Clearance
Certification & Insurance
An Integrated Import & Export Solution

Working with GSIT means


+7x24 service all year around
+Customizing logistic solutions
+Providing clients with short-term working capital


+Competitive rates
+Securing shipping spaces with safety and transparency
+Powerful distribution network


+Prompt handling of goods supported by the latest system
+Saving 2/3 time than our competitors without rates increases
+Real time cargo tracking and safe delivery


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